Monday, April 4, 2016

OwlEyes Artist Statement

The United States is a truly beautiful country. I have lived and traveled it entirely. 

My 20’s were spent travelling the world with the US Navy. I was even stationed in La Maddalena, Italy for a few years. I now reside in Chandler, AZ with my husband and a menagerie of pets.
          I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold a crayon. Now, in my 30’s I am a mixed-media artist who loves watercolor, acrylic and texture. While most of my works are 2 dimensional, many incorporate 3 dimensional elements in order to add depth and interest to the viewer. I adore altering household trash into beautiful (or at least interesting) works of art. I am intrigued and inspired by images from dreams and my own imagination which make the optical effects of color
dominate the aesthetic vision.

          My work tends to be spontaneous, personal and saturated in color for emotional effect in order to evoke a particular mood. My aim is for a form personal and public therapy in order to impose my own sensibility to the world’s representation instead of the impression suggested by the popular culture. 

         Colors chosen in my works are generally not true to nature, nor are all of the creatures and objects. I do not fit into any one particular style because I take pleasure in experimenting. I enjoy using a variety of new
and different techniques and mediums. I also tend toward self-reflection and enjoy painting self-portraits as well as animals, nature and patriotic themes. I am an American Veteran, after all.

The following images illustrate how much my work varies:

Mixed media collage

Mixed media collage

"3 little birds" Mixed-media collage

"Centered" Mixed media, watercolor

Acrylic on an Ostrich Egg

My favorite journal page, mixed-media

Watercolor, mixed-media

Self Portrait in sharpie

"Little Fox" Acrylic

Mixed media on canvas 18x24

India ink

Mixed-media art journal page

Glen from The Walking Dead in Charcoal

Watercolor mixed-media

"My Best Friend" Mixed media painting

Sharpie & mixed-media

Watercolor, mixed-media



Mixed-media collage

"Winter Finches and Cherry Blossoms" Acrylic, watercolor & mixed-media

"Glowing Crow" Acryclic & mixed-media
A dream Catcher for Dad

Journal made from recycled materials and junk papers

Painted junk mail

Stamp Carving!

Meditation or Talking stick

"OwlEyes" 11x14 Watercolor, mixed-media

"Pixelated" Sharpie & graphite

Inda ink bookmarks

Watercolor, mixed-media

Watercolor, mixed-media & texture paste

Watercolor, mixed-media

Watercolor, mixed-media

ink doodle

"Freedom" 11x14 Watercolor, mixed-media