Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bohemian/Country Vibes

I like the feel of living in a bohemian/country space. Imagine a farmhouse, in the country, in the state of Oregon. House to furnishings is handmade. There is a garden, which sits on a vast lush green property, a barn that serves as an art studio, and lots of dogs and cats and tortoises.

What I am currently working on:
Lifebook: Week 25 with Effy Wilde

I had been cruising through the 2014 Lifebook lessons (a gift my husband gave me for my birthday in the beginning of August) when I got to the lesson with Tam. She was drawing bucks and deer. This lesson stopped me in my tracks. For several days I did not go into my studio and make anything. The problem was, I don't really like deer because they remind me of elk. They kinda freak me out.

 I grew up in the western US where elk are extremely common. To me, they look like deer on steroids. When I was 18, I went camping with a group of friends near Prescott, AZ. I was out looking for firewood. It was extremely hard to find where we were, when I came across the biggest buck I have ever seen (from Yosemite to Fort Hood to Yellow Stone). I think maybe it was an elk, but the coloring was all wrong, like a white tail deer and a mule deer, but big. The rack of antlers on his head was impressive and looked dangerous. Especially since he started chasing me. He chased me back to camp. Then he chased all of us to the car except Steve who had run for the road. You have to understand something about Steve. He was the only black friend I had (not too many of them out here in Phoenix back in the 90's). Any way, he was fast; like, ninja fast. Luckily Chris had his car keys. Since we we were all trapped inside the car he just climbed into the front seat, started it up and rolled out to the street slowly without his lights on. By the time we got to the road, the animal was loosing interest. Apparently, Steve had never stop running. We picked him up a mile passed the entrance to the camp ground, then we turned around and went back. Afterall, we had left all our stuff their unattended! When we got back, wouldn't you know it, there was a ranger there writing us a ticket. We got in a lot of trouble despite our frantic story. I haven't really liked them much since and that's kind of ironic coming from me because a few years ago I interned with the forest service as a wildlife biologist.

Anyhooo- I did finally talk myself into drawing that scene of the magnificent freakish deerlike creature before he started chasing me.

From this view he just looks cute, I know. I really should make a close-up so you can see the hell fire dance in his eyes as he looked at me...

Murder in his eyes!

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